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Class Policies

Please Read Carefully

For the ongoing group classes: please note that we will announce the charges in the last week of the month for the next month session (i.e. September 23 – 30 for the month of October). Monthly charges are the same for every student in a particular class. No exceptions.
Please read every email you get from us. We are using emails exclusively for communications with our students’ families, for the pertinent news, classes schedules and money works. 

Please see below for Art Galia’s fees and policies for cancellations of any Art Galia classes/events/sessions (multi-day, one month sessions, or one-day).

If you/your child misses a class…

Please call us ahead of time (at least 24 hours, or as soon as possible if an emergency arises). If you do this, you will receive a make-up class appointment (time and space permitting) and you will not be charged extra.

  1. Any student can miss only one class per session (one month).
  2. Make-up class can be done only between the missed class, and the next class. Several options will be made available within reason.
  3. Students who miss more than one class do so at their own loss.
  4. Payments are made monthly, every first of the month.
  5. We will try to email you a week ahead of time as a reminder
  6. All emails sent by [email protected] are your responsibility to read and reply to; please check your email regularly, as we do not blast junk mail.                                                                                                                                                        

Exceptions will be made for specific circumstances, and will be decided on an individual basis.

If you arrive to a full class after a period of long absence that has not been communicated to us, Art Galia reserves the right to turn you away until a later date.

A student may not receive more than 1 make-up class per session. Students who miss more than one class per session do so at their own loss.

All of that is to protect and award students with good or perfect attendance, who are following the rules and have no issues with paying the dues.

Pick-up and Drop-off Policy

For all classes, timely drop-off is 10 minutes before, and on-time pick up is 10 minutes after the class begins. All early students may find a seat in the studio and draw until class begins. All late students are responsible for catching up with what they missed. Students are to be picked up promptly at the time class finishes. Parents and guardians are welcome to wait up front, or come to the back and let their child know that they are there. Please avoid crowding at the front door.

Please understand that these rules and policies were in place since our inception, but will now be strictly enforced.

Refund Policy

No refunds or credit will be issued after the second class . Should Art Galia need to cancel a course due to low enrolment, all students will be notified in advance, and full refunds will be issued.

Art Classes Cancellation Policy

If you cancel…

  • More than 4 weeks before- Full refund
  • The week before – You will be charged a $50 cancellation fee and the remaining can be used toward a future Art Galia event/class.
  • The day of OR once the class/event has started- There is no refund.

Exceptions will be made only in certain circumstances, and will be decided upon on an individual basis, at the time.


If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



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