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Art Galia

Since 2004, Art Galia has provided local and regional support and service in visual arts – in workshops and teaching or simply advice, hard to find supplies, tools and solutions, or with appropriate custom framing that will not only compliment, but protect and enhance your favorite piece.

The Art Galia team will always strive to keep the same top level of service to our clients, utilizing everything of importance – from the latest in technology to oldest in knowledge. For everyone, from established artists, to a child that wants to explore the wonders of the art world; from the interior designer to anyone who wants to preserve a piece of family history.
We are here to service all of your art needs!

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We are driven by our belief that the world’s most amazing work should be enjoyed and celebrated. We strive to ensure that our visitors and our clients feel that they can truly enjoy the most amazing art, in an environment that is pressure-free, exploratory, and exciting.


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